About Pricing

Below are estimated prices for your t-shirt quilt based on the number of t-shirt design blocks you'd like to use and the style of quilt (grid vs. mosaic) you select, along with the approximate final size of the quilt.

Prices below include return shipping of your final quilt and a standard fleece or minky backing. Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the original t-shirts to me. Additional customizations (borders, sashing, custom backing fabric) may be available by request at an extra cost.

Important to Remember: "Shirt Blocks" refer to each individual design on a t-shirt. If you would like to use the front and back designs from the same shirt, this counts as two shirt blocks. 

Please note that this is an approximate guide, and your final quilt size will depend on the specific shirts you ship to me and on any other customizations you select. It is particularly difficult to predict the final size of mosaic-style quilts until I see the size and shape of the graphics on your t-shirts.

Once you complete your order form, I will contact you to discuss the specifics of your t-shirt quilt!

Pricing & Approximate Sizes

Toggle between "Mosaic Style" and "Grid Style" for pricing on the two types of quilts.

Note: Quilts by To a Tee have a backing and a binding around the front perimeter of the quilt. They are also top-stitched around the perimeters of each t-shirt block. However, they do not have an inner batting layer and are not all-over top-stitched like traditional quilts. This makes for a sturdy and built-to-last, but much softer and cozier, blanket.

Payment Options

Payment can be made via Venmo or Paypal. To complete your order form, you will need to submit a $100 deposit for grid-style quilts or a $150 deposit for mosaic-style quilts. Want me to choose the style for you after seeing your t-shirts? Select "Help Me Choose" on the order form and submit a $125 deposit.


After the final details of your quilt are determined, I will send you an electronic invoice for the remaining balance, to be paid before I ship your finished quilt.

Paypal: www.PayPal.me/toateestudio

Venmo: @carly-lynch-1

I look forward to working with you!